Student Support Services

Student Support Services

The rationale behind MGIT’s student support services is to ensure that our students journeys are supported with valuable services. We believe that the services listed below will help our students not only in successfully completing their chosen qualification but also provide a student care program whilst they are enrolled and completing their qualifications.

Study Skills Workshop

Our Academic Team will offer a study skills workshop in the beginning of each term to all our students.  The study skills workshop aims to assist students who might have left school a long time ago and may need support or guidance on the following;

  • Research skills
  • How to respond and present the assessment
  • How to reference properly
  • How to avoid plagiarism

The above will be offered to all our students, the workshop will be recorded for our online or distance learning student’s benefit.

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

All new students must provide evidence of their LLN level as part of the standard pre-enrolment process. The evidence will differ depending on whether you are a domestic or international student.

Please speak to one of our helpful team members on 1300 731 939 who can provide you with more information on the LLN requirements and support for the course you wish to enrol in.

What Is The Core Skills Profile For Adults Assessment? (Available for domestic students only)

The Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) is primarily designed as a pre-training assessment tool that can be used at an RTO’s discretion to assess a range of relevant core skills, depending on the cohort of learners and the courses and qualifications they are applying for. Because the CSPA is computer adaptive it can be used to assess all learners across different skill levels, including against the different levels of the ACSF in Reading, Writing and Numeracy.
At MGIT, all our domestic students enrolling in our qualification are required to sit on CSPA assessment in order for us to determine their LLN level and so that we can provide appropriate support and resources.
In the event that student’s needs exceed our skills, we will refer the student to an external support provider, costs may apply.

Academic Support

Students can seek academic Support by approaching a Trainer/Assessor for assistance concerning their course progress, term review or other matters related to their studies. MGIT offers additional assistance to students through tutorials, student support sessions, literacy and numeracy related training.  You can seek information about student support in the student handbook.

Basic Computer Skill Workshop

The basic computer skills workshop is an introductory workshop for students who might have inadequate skills in using word processing software such as Microsoft Office.
The workshop is offered after the trainers assessment of the need for a basic computer skill workshop among the students.

Job Readiness Program

Student Support Department is more than happy to provide our students with meaningful assistance with regards to any career related information that students might need, e.g. how to write or revise your resume, tips in what to expect during job interviews, or how to respond to a job advertisement.

Upon request, our Student Support department will run a session on resume writing, simulation of job interviews, how to respond to a job advertisement, how to present yourself in an interview, etc.  Please let your trainer know if you are interested to attend this session.

Online/Campus Learning Mentor (Available for domestic students only)

Our Online Learning Mentor’s (OLM’s) are available 5 days a week between 8:30am to 5:00pm. Our OLM will assist students with any relevant online learning queries or if a student is needing assistance or having difficulty accessing online learning resources.

OLM’s can also assist students after 5:00pm if prior arrangement has been organized.  An OLM can also be reached via skype, email or contacted through MGIT at 1300 731 939 between 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday during the scheduled MGIT study period.


MGIT students will have access to the MGIT library, the library will have an inventory of textbooks, journals and videos that students can borrow.

Learning Resource Loan Program

MGIT students may avail of our Learning Resource Loan Program.  The loan program has a clearly defined policy and procedure and a student must be eligible to apply for this program.  If approved the student upon availability will be allowed to loan textbooks, DVD’s or laptops for the duration of their study with MGIT. Note: Learning resources are subject to availability, students must register their interest, and it is a first come first serve basis.  Any damage to loaned resources will be charged to the students account.


MGIT VET calendar includes VET related excursions where students will be invited to participate or attend.  The excursions are carefully selected and its purpose is to expose students to work place innovations or current trends and practices, e.g. CBIT an annual expo held for IT employers, IT Engineers, IT innovators.

Student Care

Our commitment to our student well-being is met by ensuring that our students have access to our common room where they can avail of our complimentary light refreshments, coffee, tea and biscuits.

We also understand that students like anyone else might find studying stressful, so we  have a mid- term offer for students, who are invited to celebrate Harmony Day during March of every year, Halloween, Christmas Party, or end of the term celebrations.  These events will be initiated by our Marketing Team and announced well in advance to concerned parties.

We also have access to Mental Health Counsellor where MGIT students can be referred.

Mediation Services

MGIT students can avail of Resolution Institute, a mediation specialist in the event that they are not satisfied with outcome of their lodged complaints, appeal or grievance with MGIT.  There will be cost involved in availing the service of Resolution Institute, for more information regarding this service, please send us an email on .

How to apply for a student concession Opal Card

Please click here to view the process which a student must follow in order to apply for an Opal card. Students should also be aware that they will need to have a USI in order to complete the process for their Opal card. Concession cards are only available for domestic students.

Emergency Contact Number– International Students

In the event of any emergency, you may contact the college on 1300731939 during office hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, or contact Malek outside of office hours on 0416247662.